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P a t i e n t s   S h a r e   S u c c e s s   S t o r i e s


TMS worked immediately

I've tried many, many treatments before, but none really worked so I was very surprised and relieved when I noticed the difference after the first 30 minute session.

Bob R

The staff worked really hard to get my treatments approved by my insurance. They were able to accommodate me by having  evening appointments so I didn't  have to miss any work. TMS has made a huge difference in my life.

Lisa C

Depression isn't part of my life anymore...

 I can't believe the difference in how I feel since getting TMS.  I wake up in the morning anxious to go to work and look forward to the weekends being with my family. I missed so much  with my husband & kids before TMS and I am so grateful for everything your staff did for me.

Mareen G

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